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Content Management System Security

Web Application Security Compliance & Risk Management

Information Security Management System in the Banking Sector

Information Security Management System (ISMS) design. Information Security governance approaches comparison. ISMS processes. ISMS implementation. The biggest threats in the Banking sector. The future of banking and payment systems. The challenges and future of banking. Cybersecurity solutions for Financial services.

Nagorno-karabakh clashes - four-day war in cyberspace

Four-day war in cyberspace.

WebShark: A complete web application security solution

WebShark is a next generation security solution designed to stop constantly evolving threats by preventing malicious attacks targeting your website before they impact your business. Unlike other vendors, we focus on all type of web application vulnerabilities including Sensitive Data Exposure and Security Misconfiguration to build a complete security solution for E-Commerce, Online Banking, corporate and personal websites. It takes about 30 seconds to configure and use. We build the next generation security solution - a complete web application security solution which is able to protect web applications (DVWA, Mutillidae, Bricks, etc.) which have hundreds of in-build vulnerabilities.

What is the Cybersecurity plan for tomorrow?

What have been done so far and what are the plans for tomorrow.


Who would win the battle for the White House to become the next President of the United States was a topic of hot debate in 2012. Much of that debate was taking place online, with plenty of people blogging, tweeting or updating social media with their thoughts on Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama. This provided us with a rich source of information about what people were thinking and feeling about the election race.


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF in short) is a kind of a web application vulnerability which allows malicious website to send unauthorized requests to a vulnerable website using active session of its authorized users. In simple words, it’s when an “evil” website posts a new status in your twitter account on your visit while the login session is active on twitter.


Web Application Security is a vast topic and time is not enough to cover all kind of malicious attacks and techniques for avoiding them, so now we will focus on top 10 high level vulnerabilities.
Web developers work in different ways using their custom libraries and intruder prevention systems and now we will see what they should do and should not do based on best practices.