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WebShark is a next generation security solution designed to stop constantly evolving threats by preventing malicious attacks targeting your website before they impact your business.

Many vendors provide security solutions (Mod_Security, etc.) which are designed to protect websites from several types of web application vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection or Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and provide huge documentation as it requires technical skills and knowledge for proper installation and configuration. Some other vendors provide security solutions (PHPIDS, htmlpurifier, etc.) as a library which requires technical skills and lots of hard coding.

Unlike other vendors, we focus on all types of web application vulnerabilities including Sensitive Data Exposure and Security Misconfiguration to build a complete security solution for E-Commerce, Online Banking, corporate and personal websites.

It takes about 30 seconds to configure and use.

We build the next generation security solution - a complete web application security solution which is able to protect web applications (DVWA, Mutillidae, Bricks, etc.) which have hundreds of in-build vulnerabilities.

Easy Contract

"Easy Contract" is a document and contract management solution, which allows you to easily collect required information and print contracts using the user friendly administration panel.

"Easy Contract" has an advantage over similar systems and applications provided by other companies by allowing operators to import data from customer database as well as to fill information manually making work easier and excluding misspelling risks.


"Routman" is a handy tool written in perl programming language which allows system administrators to manage and configure routers within a network.

It is easy to use and has some handy options to scan a single IP address or a range of IP addresses, change passwords or run certain commands for routers and dump results in a file.

Web Defense

"Web Defense" is an Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Prevention (IPS) System designed for small businesses.
It is a cost-effective solution designed to stop constantly evolving threats by preventing malicious attacks targeting your website before they impact your business.
The system also has an opportunity to represent a brief report on monthly or weekly basis about recorded harmful attempts for understanding from which IP addresses are usually being sources for organized attempts, which sections of a website are usually being the target for attempts and etc.
During the projecting stage the system has been integrated and tested in such websites which have up to 20.000 visitors and 300.000 pageviews per day showing excellent results.

Smart Face

"Smart Face" is a professional face detection and recognition system based on biometric analyses.
The system can easily process the information received from digital cameras in real-time and as a result of biometric analyses compares faces with the biometric data stored in a database.
The system can be integrated with local security systems in airports, markets and in any other public places to prevent many and many crimes by comparing the information received from digital cameras with the biometric data stored in The Police’s database.


"Anti-TOR" system is intended basically to provide the inaccessibility of "black" listed websites and web –resources, even in the case of using "Tor" browsers.
"Tor" is a special browser which bypasses security filters allowing users to access any websites or web-resources.
It’s also important to mention that that similar programs have been invested in other countries too, e.g. in Syria, in Sept 2011- in Iran, and in China has been processing devices towards the "Tor" system for many years.


"Mapy" is an Hackathon (2011) and IBM Smart Contest (2014) award-winning project, which is intended to help citizens and foreigners to get necessary information about their locations.
The system facilitates to find any place (e.g. embassies, hotels, restaurants, governmental organizations, cinemas, hospitals and etc.), public transport direction, news, weather forecast, exchange rates and so on. It is totally free to use and is available as mobile and web applications.

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