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We have the experience, the industry knowledge and expertise to deliver effective, measurable outcomes for business and government clients throughout the world.

Our direct and pragmatic Armenian approach to what is generally a complex business area has been a major advantage. This approach has enabled stratsec to engage and win contracts with Armenian and state government agencies, national and international banks, and major international software companies and governments, despite competition from large multinational players.

We have genuine expertise in delivering consulting, testing and research services to major clients in the critical infrastructure, financial services, government, health & human services, information & communications technologies, mining & resources and telecommunications industries.

Enterprise Services

Services for organizations with the highest security and compliance demands.

Network Penetration Testing

A method that evaluates the security of a network system by conducting an analysis and subsequent examination of potential gaps or "holes" within security operations, flaws within hardware or software configuration or other operational weaknesses that may exist. Once completed these tests expose security vulnerabilities, assess the impact should a potential security threat occur and follow with a proposal of a technical solution. The outcome of these tests allows businesses to make sound security decisions under certain circumstances such as setting up a new office, deployment of a new network infrastructure or upgrading existing or new applications.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is the process of measuring and prioritizing risks associated with network and host-based systems to allow rational planning of technologies and activities that manage business risk. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) tools allow customization of security policy, automated analysis of vulnerabilities, and creation of reports that effectively communicate security vulnerability discoveries and detailed corrective actions to all levels of an organization. Vulnerability Assessment involves design, development and review of security policies, procedures, and standards, and validation of the state of security of the information technology infrastructure.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Unlike a network penetration test, a web application penetration test focuses on the security and potential risks present with a web application. Using methods attackers use to infiltrate web applications to obtain financial, personal and even medical information, these tests allow programmers to assess weaknesses in both server and client-side applications.

Source Code Auditing

The scope of this audit is to manually review the source code of software or firmware to identify weaknesses and backdoors. In addition to the analysis of developed software, we can also check integrated open source components or standard libraries used by the software in question. CYBER GATES performs source code reviews for all common programming languages.

Advanced DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are ever-evolving and use a variety of technologies. To successfully combat these attacks, you need a dynamic, multi-layered security solution. CYBER GATES DDoS solution protects from both known and zero day attacks with very low latency. It’s easy to deploy and manage, and includes comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.

Virtual Private Network

CYBER GATES VPN service, secures your internet connection with military grade AES256 encryption to guarantee that all of the data you're sending and receiving is strongly encrypted and secured from prying eyes. We have employed world’s leading encryption standard AES‑256 to secure your personal and financial information so that it stays out of the hands of identity and data thieves.

Computer Forensics

We offer a full range of digital forensic services, from first response, full forensic analysis, through to reporting and providing expert evidence in court. CYBER GATES company uses best practices for identification, collection, acquisition, and preservation of digital evidence that meets "ISO/IEC 27037:2012" standard requirements. Relationship with clients are Private & Confidential and the informations are kept securely.

General Security Consultancy

From DDoS attacks and malware threats to service fraud, your network operations, multimedia services and data are always at risk. Our experts can help you keep sensitive data, mission-critical services and network infrastructures safe with a holistic approach to security. Sophisticated threats and vulnerabilities will always pose a constant challenge.


A wide range of courses for users of all ICT-supplied systems are offered by the CYBER GATES training and education center. Courses are designed to be progressive and complementary, enabling participants to advance smoothly after completing each level. The training and education center offers a standard timetable, but courses may be arranged on demand in order to suit customers' schedules.


The CYBER GATES Support team is dedicated to providing quality service offerings that consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We work in partnership and hold the highest level accreditations with a wide range of leading Security vendors worldwide so that you can be sure our Support Team maintains the knowledge and level of expertise that enables them to fully support your organisations' business critical security systems.

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We provide quality service offerings that consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

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